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The Bottle Bin

Custom and Unique Bottle Lights
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Have a lovely day , Heidi

I launched The Bottle Bin over 5 years ago during my recovery from ME/CFS. I am still recovering but find being self-employed and working to my own schedule helps immensely.  Gaining inter-transferable skills whilst serving within the RAF, and many years retail management experience has assisted me in setting up The Bottle Bin.

Initially, I started out with just spirit bottles but, as times are changing and more people are choosing alcohol alternatives, I have had to look further afield and expand my range. I am constantly evolving and can now offer something for everyone.

Most of my bottles are recycled, I have wonderful support from my local community with this!
My lights are sustainable. They are unique in the way they are finished which means you keep the original cap. They make exquisite gifts and are always a talking point.
Some of my items are completely exclusive and truly one of a kind.

I am always open to discussion about collaborations, commissions and new design ideas.


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I bought a Sipsmith Sloe Gin bottle as part of my dad’s Christmas present (to go with the full bottle I’m giving him). It looks so good, I bought two more for myself – a Rhubarb Gin bottle with pink lights and a Kraken Rum bottle with white lights. The 10/10 customer service matches the quality of the products, and the choice between USB and battery power is an added bonus. I’m now thinking about who else I can buy one for!


Quite apart from the friends being happy with their bottles, it has brought me an enormous amount of pleasure in knowing what a thoughtful gift can do in their lives.  Thank you @The_Bottle_Bin for beautiful bottles, and I'm in no doubt I will be ordering more xx


Hi Heidi, just thought I'd give you an update on the bottles. The Rammstein one was given over Christmas and she loves it.  It has pride of place in her Bedroom. The Hollow Knight one was given today and he was blown away!  He thinks it's amazing.  Thank you again for such beautiful work!